*IV B.Tech II Sem Regular & Supplementary Examinations revised schedule on 12 – 09 – 2020, 15 - 09 - 2020, 16 - 09 - 2020, 19 - 09 - 2020

Indira Educational Society.
S.No Name
1 Ch.Rama Rao
2 S.Sambasiva Rao
3 Ch.Vijayalakshmi W/o.Ch.Rama Rao
4 Ch.Rohit S/o.Ch.Rama Rao
5 B.Sambasiva Rao S/o.Bapaiah
6 Ch.Srinivasa Rao S/o.Bapaiah
7 B.Veeranjaneyulu S/o. B.Sambaiah
Key Persons
S.No Name Designation Cell No. E-Mail
1 Sri Ch. RAMA RAO CHAIRMAN Chandu_ramarao@yahoo.com
3 Smt.Ch.VIJAYA LAKSHMI SECREATARY Chandu_ramarao@yahoo.com
4 Sri. Y. RAMAKRISHNA PRINCIPAL 9133331979 principalku3@gmail.com
5 Sri A. SOMASEKHAR ECE HOD 9985456223 pitw.ecedept@gmail.com
6 Sri Y.RAJESH BABU CSE HOD 7893217555 pitw.csedept@gmail.com
7 Sri S.RAMAKRISHNA S&H HOD - Pitw.shdept@gmail.com13
8 Mr. MURTHY PD - Pitw.pd@gamil.com
9 Smt HARITHA ACCOUNTANT - harith.pitw@gmail.com
10 Sri Ch. SRINIVASA RAO TRANSPORT INCHARGE - Srinivas.pitw@gmail.com
S.No Name of the Faculty Member/s Committee MajorResponsibilities Committee members
1 Prof Y.RAMAKRISHNA College academic committee Academic activities, correspondence and document preparation for Higher Education/AFRC/AICTE/FFC etc. Dean of academics &All Heads of the Departments
2 Prof Y.RAMAKRISHNA Budget committee Budget Proposals, allocation, distribution and implementation Dean of academics &All Heads of the Departments
3 Prof Y.RAMAKRISHNA Staff Selection Committee Identifying resources, staff screening, recruiting, Retaining, promotions & Exit offaculty members Dean of academics &All Heads of the Departments
4 Prof Y RAJESH BABU Examination Malpractice Committee Internal squad &Malpractice cases in exams Dean of academics &All Heads of the Departments
5 Prof Y.RAMAKRISHNA Examination Cell Conducting Internal and External Exams A.Harshavardhan & G Gopayya
6 Sri A.HARSHAVARDHAN Student welfare and Counseling committee Student fee collection, parent interaction, monitoring of irregular students, student welfare and counseling. G.gopayya M. Sai Lakshmi V.Krupa
7 Smt Jyothsna & Smt HARITHA Hostel committee Hostel Admissions, Monitoring hostel facilities, study hours, discipline, Quality control, student welfare and counseling. Parent Interaction Sk Nageena Jaani, Sk. Shabana
8 Sk. SHABANA Anti-ragging Committee To create a Ragging-Free Campus All Hods
9 Sri Y RAJESH BABU Public relations, RTI, Press & Media, Advertise. Public relations, RTI, press & Media N. Vijay Gopal, G. Gopayya
10 Sri Y.RAJESH BABU Placements and Industry Institute Interaction Committee Assist the students to find suitable employment. Organize periodically industry Institution meet and possibly an employment fair. To invite top Industry heads to interact with students. To visit industries for networking requirements. Conduct on/off campus placements. A.Harshavardhan N.prabhakar
11 Mr B. Vijaya Kumar Soft skills, training and career guidances Arrange CPT, GD, Mock Interviews, Soft Skills training, Infosys vampus-connect training, Interacting with HODs for planning and Implementation. Y.Rajesh babu A.Harshavardhan
12 Sri A. SOMASEKHAR Entrepreneurship Development Cell Interacting with Industries and students for planning and implementation of Entrepreneurship activities. Initiating and monitoring startup programs. N.vijay gopal D. Sasikanth
13 Sri SK. SHABANA Women’s Grievance Cell To study and solve the grievances of girl students and women staff. To counsel the students and staff redress grievances. Rameswari, Nalini, Shabana, Nageena Jani, Sarojini
14 Sri A.HARSHAVARDHAN Professional societies Committee Establishing professional societies in all departments, student enrollment monitoring student chapters coordinating activities ALL HOD’s
15 Sri Y.RAJESH BABU &Sri A. SOMASEKHAR College day celebrations College day celebrations A.Harshavardhan N. Rambabu
16 Sri N Vijaya Gopal M.Tech Coordinator Monitoring M.Tech classes and Projects A.Harshavardhan D. Sireesha
17 Sri A.HARSHAVARDHAN Timetables Committee Preparation of time tables Ch.prasad G.gopayya N.prabhakar
18 Prof Y.RAMAKRISHNA College R&D Cell Monitor departmental R&D units impart project and R&D guidance to faculty Organizing conferences All HOD’s &All staff
19 Prof Y.RAMAKRISHNA NBA/NACC committee Monitoring and examining NBA/NACC activities ALL HOD’s
20 Smt HARITHA Sri Ch. SRINIVASA RAO Transport Committee Checking bus passes, Discipline, Bus Fees, Bus arrangements, Bus schedules and bus maintenance. Faculty traveling in Buses
21 Sri MURTHY NSS Cell Organizing NSS camps, Organizing blood donation campus, Organizing medical and health camps Non-teaching technical support staff
22 Sri S.V. RAMA KRISHNA I year coordinator Monitoring I year class works, courses, Labs, time tables & student discipline etc First year staff
23 Sri A HARSHAVARDHAN Alumni Committee Maintain alumni information, correspondence, communication through socialnetworks, alumni association, Alumni meeting A.navya N.prabhakar
24 Smt P. RAMESWARI College Library Committee Recommending books from depts. monitoring library hours, stocks verification, Monitoring student facilities checking computerized library facilities digital library, recommending journals/magazines etc. ALL HOD’s
25 Sri D. SASIKANTH Attendance committee Monitor daily & monthly attendance information to parents, sending attendance reports. ALL HOD’s
26 Smt HARITHA & Sri Ch. SRINIVAS Purchase & stores Store keeping and maintenance, purchasing consumables, stock updates, disposal of obsolete items. Ch.lakshman
27 Sri P SRINIVAS RAO Social welfare (BC/SC/ST,EBC, MINORITY) Monitoring BC/SC/ST/ EBC/ MINORITY scholarships Jyothsna
28 N. RAMBABU Extra-curricular activities Monitoring cultural/sports activities. Arranging programs in functions. Coordinating inter college cultutal/sports competitions. G.gopayya, Prasanthi, Bharathi
29 Sri D. Sasikanth Co-curricular activities Paper presentations, Quiz Competitions N.vijayagopal A.Harshavardhan